Villingshøj and Messerschmidt Klimateknik A/S

“It has gone exactly as we planned it – just faster”

Partner Morten Villingshøj

We are ...


We have 25 dedicated employees who work at a modest address in Copenhagen, but in hyper-modern rooms with atmosphere, soul and high ceilings.


We have a simple, level organisation with short lines of communication and an informal but respectful tone. We want to stay this way, even if we expand. Our staff has plenty of freedom to do what it takes to ensure that our clients are satisfied.


Being human is just as important to us as being professional.


We are financially sound and self-financed. We have neither loan nor line of credit and are not tied down to a bank. That means that you won’t be dealing with a company that could closed down tomorrow or next year. On the contrary! We are moving forward at full speed.

Partners and key figures:

Morten Villingshøj


Qualifications from the ventilation industry
25 years of experience
Sales/project manager
Ventilation technician
Adjustments technician
Ongoing supplementary training

Kenneth Berg


Qualifications from the ventilation industry
19 years of experience
Production manager
In charge of quality, ventilation
Ongoing supplementary training
Project Management

Alexander Messerschmidt


Qualifications in cooling technology
26 years of experience
Cooling/service manager
Quality manager, cooling and service
Ongoing supplementary training
ISO 9001-2008 authorised cooling systems installation contractor

Henrik Morsing

Trained plumbing technician

28 years of experience
Ongoing supplementary training
In charge of design studio
Quality manager, design studio documents
CAD-specialist, Autocad/Magicad

Brief history

Morten Villingshøj was running his own ventilation company, MV luftteknik, dealing exclusively with ventilation. He wanted to do more, so he contacted Alexander Messerschmidt, a specialist in cooling systems, who liked the idea right away.
On 1 July 2004 the pair formed the company Villingshøj & Messerschmidt ApS as equal partners. As they brought plenty of satisfied customers with them, they set to work immediately. Today the company has 25 employees and three partners. Kenneth Berg has joined as product manager.

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Telephone: +45 70 27 17 99
Mail: info@vm-klima.dk